Friday, August 6, 2010

Watering YOUR Natural Wildflower

Watering YOUR Natural Wildflower

Well ladies and gents, I know we all "hear stories" about the benefits of drinking water. The mere fact that our own bodies are largely comprised of water...yada, yada, yada. Bottom line is we ALL need water to function every day in a more healthy capacity!! The past month I have made a more conscious decision to drastically increase my daily water intake! Even within this short time frame I have noticed several subtle changes in my own body!

No, no...I know what some of you may be thinking, "You can only notice a physical difference if you change your diet AND exercise too!" Folks, I have made NO OTHER modifications in my diet, other than drinking more water! I have physically noticed several subtle changes that include: clearer skin, hair growth, less fluid retention, and it has made me FEEL tremendously better!

I don't normally experience many blemishes regularly, though initially I noticed a few minor pimples. I am presuming that increased water intake helped to bring these blemishes out. Plus lets face it, I AM a WOMAN and we do have hormones that can control some things we can not! *smile*

As far as hair growth, you KNOW that good ol' H20 is a natural gals BEST friend...on the INSIDE and on the OUTSIDE!! Whether protective styled or wearing a wash n go, I consistently moisturize my hair with a spray bottle that generally contains a mix of distilled water, lavender or rosemary essential oil, and a small amount of vegetable glycerin. Please note that all water mixtures vary depending on hair needs or sensitivity to product. I love the way Christian Fields refers to our hair as "wildflowers". He states, "By putting oxygen back into the bloodstream, our hair will grow like wildflowers." As a stylist he may notice an increase in hair growth due to increased water consumption! The growth can range from 1/2 inch (average monthly hair growth) to a full inch or more in one month!" Please check out his YouTube channel, to view this short video (copy and paste link):

Folks is this NOT reason enough for YOU to begin "Watering YOUR Natural Wildflower"?

If my personal testimony wasn't enough, also see the link below for more interesting information about water: "Health Benefit of Water's" website (copy and paste link):

Several BENEFITS Highlighted include:
-lowered cholesterol
-prevention of heart disease and stroke
-skin health
-relief of joint pain and arthritis

I hope you not only learned from, but enjoyed this posting! Have a great weekend!!

Remember naturals, "Patience IS Progress!"
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