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The Truth About Henna: Dyeing & Conditioning Your Hair, Naturally!

The Truth About Henna: Dyeing & Conditioning Your Hair, Naturally!

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A Word of Caution

Before I start, please be aware that henna WILL NOT come out of your hair. It coats the outer hair shaft, which affects the penetration of another colorant. It would have to GROW OFF to GO OFF...or it's CUT OUT to GET OUT...Ha ha, had to make it kind of humorous so you realize how SERIOUS it can be to henna if you later decide you want to color your hair with a more permanent color solution! You CAN NOT color over henna with a chemical hair dye, only with another henna product! Because henna coats the outer hair shaft this may be a great BENEFIT in growing your beautiful, shiny, natural mane!! Check out my picture above! :-)

What is the Proper Name for Henna?

What is henna, or what do I need to look for? When reading your packages of henna please know that REAL henna is called Lawsonia Inermis. There are various mixtures and forms of the Lawsonia Inermis that make other color options.

How I Make Henna Do What It Do!

I have typically henna'd my hair as often as twice a month, to more recently once every several months. I have used several brands as indicated in the videos in the links above. The process for henna mixtures and henna glosses vary. Also use caution prior to applying your henna.

There are numerous factors to consider:
1) it may be best to mix your henna with plastic utensils in a plastic mixing bowl. Something you do not plan to use again
2) Henna can be a little messy and CAN stain; until you get used to the mixing process please put down old paper or be sure to mix on a surface that you can easily remove any mixture that may drip or spill
3) After the henna is mixed be sure to do a patch test on your skin to ensure that you are NOT allergic to the henna mixture
4) Always use gloves when applying henna, remember that it is a stain and TRUST me it may stain your skin and nails for several days if you choose NOT to wear gloves 5) Be aware that because henna is a natural, herbal powder it DOES have a HIGHLY grassy, earthy smell...if you don't think you can tolerate the smell, henna MAY NOT be for you!!

Be sure to read the packaging instructions that come with the henna you purchase. Many mixtures state that the henna mixture must sit for several hours (covered) in order for the henna dyes to fully release. I generally mix my henna treatment and let it sit overnight.

Once I apply to my freshly washed or co-washed hair I generally let the henna stay in overnight. Again, do what works best for YOU, if 2-6 hours is your limit DO rinse out! I generally rinse my henna out in the shower with moderately cool water. Once I have rinsed the majority of the henna out of my hair I proceed to either a wash or several co-washes to rinse the remainder of the henna residue from my hair. Follow up with your normal routine afterward. You may find that your curl texture pattern may appear slightly loosened temporarily. As henna is like a natural clay type mixture and can be somewhat "heavy" once applied.

Benefits of Henna

Henna is a natural hair conditioner and coloring agent. I have a several random gray hairs and it gives them a rich red due. My natural hair color is dark brown and in the sunlight my hair also has a vibrant red tint.

Henna sources:

Henna How To's & Helpful Tips from eHow:

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"Patience IS Progress!"

Enjoy trying your first henna treatment!

***Disclaimer: Please be advised to DO YOUR RESEARCH before embarking on any new product usage. Be sure of the pros & cons of utilizing HENNA and any other natural product for your hair or body. I am NOT a paid spokesperson or representative for ANY of the companies used within this blog post or videos featured. I am an everyday consumer that loves to SHARE THE WEALTH that knowledge brings!***